Al Lane’s “Fear Spiders”

A while back I recorded a version of Al Lane’s ‘The Pretty Words’ in a sinister voice. Seeing as he’s written a Halloween haiku with some fantastic imagery I couldn’t help but resurrect that voice and produce another spoken word piece.


(Or… possibly not.)

Click here to go to the link.

Happy Halloween!  Bwah-ha-haaa!


21 thoughts on “Al Lane’s “Fear Spiders”

  1. Can’t tell you how much I love this… I was trying to keep the written one vaguely kiddy friendly, but it works so well as dark and menacing too. Perfect for when the kiddies are safely tucked up in bed!

    Am going to have to write more for Evil Nick… 😀

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    1. Thanks!
      We did actually used to work together (although in different locations) but never ventured into trying to scare our colleagues (unless it was via particularly complex spreadsheets and charts). 😉

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