Al’s Pretty Words; My Villainous Voice

Al & Nick
Mr Al & me

My pal Al the Author has been instrumental on my blogging journey. He ‘came out’ a few years ago as a budding writer and I said “me too!” and we swapped examples of our work. He set up a blog and, in a woefully convoluted attempt to comment on it, I somehow ended up with a blog of my own (still not entirely sure how that happened). I’ve written poetry and short stories as well as posted examples of art and theatre set/prop work. Somewhat astonishingly, many people have liked what they’ve seen and even followed my blog – and this is all down to Mr Alistair Lane re-igniting my fire.


Al recently wrote a cracking poem called “The Pretty Words” and I instantly wanted to read it in a really dark, forbidding manner (probably due to my recent acting stint – this seems to be part of the ‘Rise of the Inner Thesp’). The actual meaning behind the poem is quite personal to Al (it’s about the death of a friend) but he’s totally up for individual interpretations of his work and really liked what I’d done with it.

So here’s my rendition of “The Pretty Words”.  Plug in your speakers, click on this link, close your eyes and I’ll take you on a trip to despair…




10 thoughts on “Al’s Pretty Words; My Villainous Voice

    1. Thanks Diana. Yes, Al’s version was much more sad and emotionally gutted, but when I read it all I could hear was the plottings of evil.
      Ideally I’d like to be a Disney baddie like Jafar or Scar. Or Emperor Palpatine.

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      1. Ah shucks. ‘Twas naught but a mask. I have lots of other voices and some of them are quite silly. I think I do quite a good Piglet (not at all like the Disney version, but far more in keeping with what I think Pooh’s pal should sound like when you read the books).

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