A (Nottinghamshire) Writer’s Spell

Originally posted on Fosseway Writers:
 by Sue & Andy Vickers, Fosseway Writers Programme Secretaries ? Hocus pocus, pens in focus Fosseway magic now unfold! A ladleful of legends who’ve gone before us, Essence of Byron, unlock your gold. D H Lawrence, add sprinklings of ardour, Alan Sillitoe, a pinch of gritty drama. Word spirits lend your fire and passion, Let creative inspiration shape the stories we fashion. ? For… Continue reading A (Nottinghamshire) Writer’s Spell


It seems that my Halloween SMS story went down very well with the voters and was awarded second place! In the short-term I shall bask in the glory of producing something appreciated by people who know their subject matter (children’s literature, usually abbreviated to ‘kid lit’) – some of these fine, upstanding people are published authors! Gosh. In the medium term I think it shows … Continue reading Gobsmacked!

Halloween SMS – Short Messaging Scariness

My pal Al the author has been writing some entertaining Halloween poems, one of which he is submitting to a Halloweensie competition, the rules of which are to write a kids Halloween poem/story in 100 words or less.  Sounds like a good exercise in concise writing, so here’s my take on it (97 words) using a somewhat unusual format. Not sure if it’s worth entering the comp … Continue reading Halloween SMS – Short Messaging Scariness