Halloweensie Short Story: Old Man Spider

Here’s a very short scary story, written for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th Annual Halloweensie Contest: a teensie-weensie 100 words suitable for a teensie-weensie person that uses the words ‘spider’, ‘moon’ and ‘ghost’. OK, so I’m aiming (again) towards the upper age limit of 12 and hopefully channelling a bit of a Neil Gaiman vibe (as much as I can for a hopeless amateur with a … Continue reading Halloweensie Short Story: Old Man Spider

Kid’s Short: Snow Adventure

The wonderful Susanna Leonard Hill has announced her 4th Annual Holiday Contest and again I’m approaching it as a writing exercise. This time I have a massive 350 words in which to write ‘a children’s story in which wild weather impacts the holidays’ (i.e. Christmas etc.). I’m deliberately avoiding a weather-centric story as I remember that my favourite children’s stories were almost always based around … Continue reading Kid’s Short: Snow Adventure

Babbit and Pinky

The plan is… No, perhaps ‘plan’ is too strong a word. The ‘vague intention of doing something at some point’ centres on writing a series of children’s picture story books, despite the fact that my kids are now 15 & 18. It’s an intention that nagged at me through countless anaemic and/or annoying stories read to our two when they were little. Four years ago … Continue reading Babbit and Pinky

Halloween SMS – Short Messaging Scariness

My pal Al the author has been writing some entertaining Halloween poems, one of which he is submitting to a Halloweensie competition, the rules of which are to write a kids Halloween poem/story in 100 words or less.  Sounds like a good exercise in concise writing, so here’s my take on it (97 words) using a somewhat unusual format. Not sure if it’s worth entering the comp … Continue reading Halloween SMS – Short Messaging Scariness