Nick Rowe, a British over-40-something bloke. Always had a creative side which, in the last couple of decades, has been joined by an analytical side which is far more useful for paying bills. The creative side went into a sulk but has been coaxed out of its shell and given some crayons and a typewriter.

You may have noticed that this blog is called ‘babbitman’ and thought “Huh?”…

Well. Yes. Not initially my first choice. It was late at night, I was tired. I needed a blog name but everything I wanted to use was taken.

So I turned to one of the main characters in my first story – Babbit.  He’s a rabbit based on a cuddly toy belonging to my eldest daughter; in fact all of the characters in the story are based on the soft toys of tiny childhood. And Babbit seemed to suit me better than the other option, a bear called ‘Pinky’. And I thought I probably wouldn’t be using the blog much anyway.



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      1. I looked up the meaning of the word, and this is what I got: “The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.”

        No crustaceans here!

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  1. I found you through the Dirty Dozen – nice to “meet” you. I’m glad that your analytical and creative sides play nicely together 🙂 Mine get in fights and pull each others’ hair from time to time. I think my creative side usually starts it. My latest discovery is adult coloring books and colored pencils – keeps my creative side quiet and out of trouble, at least until the pencils need sharpening.

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    1. Hi Ellen, nice to meet you too! Yes, the analytical side is always more logical, reasonable and quiet. Then the creative side barges into the room claiming that it’s bored and starts fiddling with the ornaments. I’m surprised you allow sharpened pencils! 😉


  2. and you thought you wouldn’t be using your blog anyway…. the earliest comment here was on 2014…. I wonder, do you regret the name of your blog?
    I actually like the name.It sounds strong to me. and old – like ancient.

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    1. Ha, yes, I know! I’m glad you like the name, it certainly is distinctive. The only reason I may change it is if I do get around to releasing a book in my real name. Until then I will remain the strong, ancient Babbitman… 😉

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  3. Good to find your blog via some comments and links. Very moved by your post on Remembrance Day. I have taken quite a few trips around Northern France now, some with school groups and it is definitely an eye opener to the loss of ordinary people’s lives. Thankfully the kids always asked why and very pertinent questions.

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