Short Story: Logic Violation


Article removed for submission to a magazine. Let’s see how that goes – I’ll keep you posted!



Written in response to the prompt “struggling for breath” set by the Fosseway Writers Group.


Source: NASA

15 thoughts on “Short Story: Logic Violation

      1. It’s right up my alley and pulled me right in. The limited perception of the character was awesome because it could have been anything/anyone, friend or foe. The end was a mystery up to the very…end.

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    1. Thanks mate!
      I think I got the original idea from watching & reading The Martian & then bits of Alien and a short story by Iain M Banks elbowed their way into things.
      Again, tried to build up tension before the end twist. 😉

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  1. Ack! Stories like this always get to me and I know this one is going to be bouncing around in my mind. Very well written and the sense of lonely tragedy got to me.

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    1. Thanks Matt! I didn’t originally intend for it to go down the horror path but once I started writing it just seemed natural & obvious to go there.
      Mind you, the real horror is realising what the suit has done…

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