Thespian Japery

Yeah, well, so I’m up to my eyes in preparing for our production of One Man, Two Guvnors and I’ve not had time to post my latest short story (oooh, teaser!) so here’s a trailer video I’ve done for the show. We had a blast getting all dressed up for the 60s-themed photo shoot (although I basically wore my own clothes – I have Mod tendencies) and we also took some video footage.

I spent a few hours editing it down to 2 mins or so and getting some of the violence synched to the music and, well, hopefully it’ll make a few people decide to come and see the play.


17 thoughts on “Thespian Japery

    1. Thanks Matt! It has been a bit of a laugh and the photo shoot was great fun (always wanted a Vespa scooter but migrated from push bike straight to car).
      I’d love to have my US chums come over & see the show but logistics do tend to get in the way.

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    1. Well… I haven’t done any animation in quite a while (discounting some fairly lame computer-based efforts).
      But it’s not just visual… Sue & I have been working on the backing track for the song at the end of the show (yep, I’ve got to sing!). I’m just the producer/engineer – she’s the talent!

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  1. Great trailer. Wonderful job getting the music to work with the clips and piecing it all together. Clearly you all had a lot of fun – ah, life on and off the stage. I hope you get a big, enthusiastic crowd.

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    1. Thanks Diana! Yes, it started off as quite a chore to distill all the relevant shots down to about 2 mins worth, but by the time I’d got it down to about 5 mins of footage I started to enjoy the editing process, making the violence hit the right beats!
      We are all a bunch of kids really, playing at dressing up and posing about! I did my little dance when someone mentioned I looked like Rick Astley (“Never gonna give you up…!”)


      1. Thanks! I’d like to take credit for the slaps and kissing but we were just acting out some scenes from the play. But I did set up the chases to give it a bit more movement & loved it when the daft pair swapped over behind the tree so that our ‘Francis’ came back with the cricket bat!
        The dancing was kind of accidental (and I’m sure my daughters would want to prevent it from happening again!)…

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      2. To be honest, my eldest (20 in July) reckons I’m quite a cool dad (comparing me to the boring old sods that some of her friends have for fathers) and likes my taste in music. Youngest (17 in August), however, thinks I’m a weirdo.

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    1. Thanks Brenna! It is a very funny play & hopefully we’ll do it justice. We’re performing in a fairly small theatre (200 seats) for 4 nights so we should end up with a total audience of over 600.
      Yikes, I’ve just scared myself!

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