Beta-Readers wanted for my finished novel

Sooo… I’ve finished editing The Ophagy into one cohesive text. For those unaware of what I’ve been doing for the last six years, it’s a short story that turned into an experiment that evolved into a full novel with actual story arcs and resolutions. I know – get me.

Although fundamentally it’s the same tale of warped Greek mythology as on my blog, there are some changes, particularly at the beginning (because I had no idea that my 1,700 word short story would grow massive legs and go gallivanting off around the ancient Agean sea) and there’s also a Prologue and an Epilogue that aren’t in the online version.

Influences (not necessarily explicitly intentional but you are what you read): The Illiad & The Odyssey; The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy; all of the Discworld books; Christopher Brookmyre’s black comedy thrillers (like All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye and Pandaemonium). If The Ophagy holds up just a little in that company I’ll be very, very pleased.

The finished draft comes in at around 86k words but I think it’s a fairly fast-paced page turner, in part due to its episodic birth on my blog. If you fancy giving it a read and reporting back on whether there are any clunky dud parts or bits that need scrapping, or any other suggestions, let me know and I’ll get in touch.

And here’s a picture of me & my wife enjoying Christmas dinner because, as our youngest daughter pointed out, “neither of you look weird in this one”.

21 thoughts on “Beta-Readers wanted for my finished novel

  1. Huge congrats, Nick. I can hardly believe it’s a book! I’m going to beg off on beta reading, partly because I’ve already read it and it wouldn’t be fresh, but mainly because parent-care is ramping up. I’ll get myself a copy though when it’s done!

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    1. Thanks Diana! I thought you may well have plenty on your hands right now. I’ll send you a fresh copy once I get it properly published (self-pub or however) and then you can enjoy it at your leisure! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Congratulations on the book, Nick. I’ll be happy to do a beta read if you’re happy to do the same?

    My chosen genre (historical fiction, esp. Greek mythology, blended with Terry Pratchett- and Douglas Adams-influences) sounds pretty similar. I’ve also done critiques and beta-reads for the past 5 years or so.

    If you’re interested, please feel free to email me.

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    1. Thanks Greg – that sounds ideal! I’ve done some beta-reading in the past too. Do you have a WordPress site? I can see your email address as ggalon2009, yeah?


  3. Hi Nick, I’d be happy to beta read for you. I currently beta read for Lia Davis and LA Boruff, I also proofread and copyedit.
    Best wishes

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    1. Hi Claire, that sounds great. I guess that beta reading for Lia & LAB you’re comfortable with some of the genres that my story covers (I don’t think it’s going to be everyone’s cup of tea). Is your email the nefertari 1805 address?
      Cheers, Nick


      1. Hi Nick
        Yes it is that email address.
        I read all sorts of genres for beta reading but also in general. I really love Gladys Mitchell and she has quite a few books with Greek mythology in them – Come Away, Death is my favourite.

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      2. Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ My book references elements of Greek mythology but the slant is from a more modern perspective. A lot of the myths are tales of heroes and gods and not much about normal people just trying to get on with their lives. My story is essentially a collision between a couple of normal blokes and powers beyond their control or understanding. It is very ‘modern British’ in the writing to make the main characters relatable, and I’m not sure whereabouts in the world you are (having said that, I’ve had positive comments from people in the US, Canada and Australia, so the vibe still works for them). Do you prefer reading Word documents or PDFs?


      3. I’m in Leicester, UK. I really prefer word docs or Google docs. Pdf’s baffle me!
        I’ve read all the Terry Pretchett’s and Hitcher’s too ๐Ÿ™‚ I love those.

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      4. Ah! A fellow Midlander! I’m originally from Cov & have lived in & around Newark for the past 20-odd years. In that case, you’re perfectly suited for my tale! I’ll ping you a copy in Word format to your email ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Thanks Suzanne! If you want to read the Prologue, amended Ch 1 and the Epilogue let me know!
      New WIP eh? Is it spooky murders in an antique shop? If not then put that idea on the list ๐Ÿ˜

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      1. I bet you see a lot of very weird things and start to wonder about their past. I can picture you staring at them, your imagination going into overdrive!

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