The Writers’ Group

It’s early January and, although I didn’t plan this as a New Year’s Resolution, I finally got around to going along to the local writers’ group. I’d had a couple of responses to my initial email requesting further information and I had been assured that it was a ‘small, friendly group’. Still, I was a little apprehensive about what I would encounter and one of my worries was confirmed when I pushed through the door to see several ladies of advancing years sat around a table and looking up at me. Continue reading The Writers’ Group

The Creative Impetus is Dead; Long Live the Creative Impetus…

For the past four and a half years I’ve helped to run a youth theatre group that specialises in musical theatre. It was my wife’s group really; she did all the major organising and ultimately she was responsible for whether it was successful or failed. In the end, that responsibility (and the ongoing worry that we wouldn’t have enough kids to make the productions work … Continue reading The Creative Impetus is Dead; Long Live the Creative Impetus…

Kid’s Short: Snow Adventure

The wonderful Susanna Leonard Hill has announced her 4th Annual Holiday Contest and again I’m approaching it as a writing exercise. This time I have a massive 350 words in which to write ‘a children’s story in which wild weather impacts the holidays’ (i.e. Christmas etc.). I’m deliberately avoiding a weather-centric story as I remember that my favourite children’s stories were almost always based around … Continue reading Kid’s Short: Snow Adventure


It seems that my Halloween SMS story went down very well with the voters and was awarded second place! In the short-term I shall bask in the glory of producing something appreciated by people who know their subject matter (children’s literature, usually abbreviated to ‘kid lit’) – some of these fine, upstanding people are published authors! Gosh. In the medium term I think it shows … Continue reading Gobsmacked!

Babbit and Pinky

The plan is… No, perhaps ‘plan’ is too strong a word. The ‘vague intention of doing something at some point’ centres on writing a series of children’s picture story books, despite the fact that my kids are now 15 & 18. It’s an intention that nagged at me through countless anaemic and/or annoying stories read to our two when they were little. Four years ago … Continue reading Babbit and Pinky