The Winning Entries

Originally posted on Fosseway Writers:
For more information on this competition, our judge Alex Davis and his comments please click here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the winners (in reverse order). ? Finale by Yasmin Chopin ‘Five minutes Miss Walden, five minutes Mr Brendan…’ Jeremy’s voice rings in unison with his knuckles. The urgency dissipates as he sashays down the corridor. I brush biscuit crumbs… Continue reading The Winning Entries

Kid’s Short: Snow Adventure

The wonderful Susanna Leonard Hill has announced her 4th Annual Holiday Contest and again I’m approaching it as a writing exercise. This time I have a massive 350 words in which to write ‘a children’s story in which wild weather impacts the holidays’ (i.e. Christmas etc.). I’m deliberately avoiding a weather-centric story as I remember that my favourite children’s stories were almost always based around … Continue reading Kid’s Short: Snow Adventure


It seems that my Halloween SMS story went down very well with the voters and was awarded second place! In the short-term I shall bask in the glory of producing something appreciated by people who know their subject matter (children’s literature, usually abbreviated to ‘kid lit’) – some of these fine, upstanding people are published authors! Gosh. In the medium term I think it shows … Continue reading Gobsmacked!