The Sticky Rain

This was a piece of instant writing (20 minutes, start to finish) at our March writers’ group workshop on short stories. Ever find yourself stumped for a prompt and everything seems just a bit too bland? Try something like where you can select a series of completely random adjectives and nouns, stick them together to make something apparently nonsensical, and then write about what that … Continue reading The Sticky Rain

The Ophagy, Part 11: “Don’t Lose Sleep Over It”

To see all other parts of the story please click here.   Micon’s hands quivered as he took another sip of water from the goatskin. His heart was still hammering away like a demented blacksmith despite it being several minutes since the grinning skull of Xanthius had thrust itself into his face. “I really did try to stop him,” repeated Philippus. Micon stared vacantly at … Continue reading The Ophagy, Part 11: “Don’t Lose Sleep Over It”

Poetry Competition 2018

Originally posted on Fosseway Writers:
We are pleased to announce the launch of our annual poetry competition on the theme of ‘FLIGHT’. The competition is open to all-comers with cash prizes for the top three, plus an extra prize for the top local poet. We’re delighted to have Leanne Moden as our judge and she will be announcing the winners at Knights Court in Newark… Continue reading Poetry Competition 2018

The Winning Entries

Originally posted on Fosseway Writers:
For more information on this competition, our judge Alex Davis and his comments please click here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the winners (in reverse order). ? Finale by Yasmin Chopin ‘Five minutes Miss Walden, five minutes Mr Brendan…’ Jeremy’s voice rings in unison with his knuckles. The urgency dissipates as he sashays down the corridor. I brush biscuit crumbs… Continue reading The Winning Entries