“Reunion Day” & Positive Feedback!

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Our collaborative novel, “Burning Old School Ties“, has been on sale now for a few months and yesterday we celebrated the “reunion day” that took place on 31 August. Happily, the weather on Saturday evening was pretty much as we wrote it, over six months earlier, which is rather impressive when you consider the erratic nature of British summer weather.… Continue reading “Reunion Day” & Positive Feedback!

Local Writing Competition! “Newark Stories from the Past”

Originally posted on Fosseway Writers:
? Fosseway Writers are pleased to announce the launch of a new competition for writers in the Newark area. In conjunction with the organisers of the annual Newark Book Festival, we want to see more of the creative talent within our local area and therefore are launching the Joan Stephenson Trophy competition in honour of a long-standing member of the group… Continue reading Local Writing Competition! “Newark Stories from the Past”

A (Nottinghamshire) Writer’s Spell

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 by Sue & Andy Vickers, Fosseway Writers Programme Secretaries ? Hocus pocus, pens in focus Fosseway magic now unfold! A ladleful of legends who’ve gone before us, Essence of Byron, unlock your gold. D H Lawrence, add sprinklings of ardour, Alan Sillitoe, a pinch of gritty drama. Word spirits lend your fire and passion, Let creative inspiration shape the stories we fashion. ? For… Continue reading A (Nottinghamshire) Writer’s Spell

Busy, busy…

Having decided in January that I would post more stuff during 2016, March has so far been a bit of a barren patch. That’s not particularly because I haven’t done anything, more the fact that I’ve been busy with other things. I’ve submitted a couple of poems to a competition organised by my writing group (which will eventually pop up here) and started to build … Continue reading Busy, busy…