Still Life?

We think it begins as a blank canvas But there are already textures and imperfections That influence the likely picture. A messy conflict of hues emerges; But then develops, favouring particular motifs and shades Interspersed with slashes of vivid unpredictability. Towards the finish it’s calmer, settled, Fine brushwork highlighting favourite elements. In the end, if we’re lucky, We’re framed in wood and admired in reflective … Continue reading Still Life?


It seems that I’m a Wanted Man, though posters there are none. But, as a husband and a dad, my tasks are never done. It starts before I leave work – I get texts upon my phone: “Get some milk”, “Pick me up”; I think I need a clone. I love my wife, my kids and cat, but they are a bit demanding; I’ve got … Continue reading Solitude