The Sticky Rain

This was a piece of instant writing (20 minutes, start to finish) at our March writers’ group workshop on short stories. Ever find yourself stumped for a prompt and everything seems just a bit too bland? Try something like where you can select a series of completely random adjectives and nouns, stick them together to make something apparently nonsensical, and then write about what that … Continue reading The Sticky Rain

Instant Fiction: Food fight

The second piece of instant writing I did at the last writers’ group meeting had a prompt of “don’t you dare!” which I thought should be easy enough. The problem was that we only had about 15 minutes to think of something and write it. That phrase is only likely to be said to someone you know pretty well, so I needed a duo who … Continue reading Instant Fiction: Food fight

Instant Fiction: Male / Female

At the latest writers’ group get together we tackled dialogue. The first subject was a conversation between a male and a female and we had about 15 minutes to pull something together. I wanted to strip away everything except the speech and let the conversation do the picture painting… “What do you think of England’s chances then?” “What, sorry?” “The Euros. England. Do you think … Continue reading Instant Fiction: Male / Female

Flash fiction: Grin And Bear It

Instant writing task at a recent writers’ group workshop. Fifteen minutes or so to write something about the bizarre fact that the Tower of London (that’s a 1000-year-old castle, not one of those fancy new office blocks) was once home to a polar bear. While most chose to write about the bear’s feelings of being held captive, I decided to focus on the poor sod who … Continue reading Flash fiction: Grin And Bear It

Flash fiction: Birds eye view

Instant writing task at a recent writers’ group workshop. Fifteen minutes or so to write something from the animal’s perspective (from a selection of photographs – I chose this one of a seagull getting close to the action). Best read with an Australian accent… “So I’d been flying around, seeing what I can find to eat, and I’m feeling a bit knackered. It’s a hot … Continue reading Flash fiction: Birds eye view

Busy, busy…

Having decided in January that I would post more stuff during 2016, March has so far been a bit of a barren patch. That’s not particularly because I haven’t done anything, more the fact that I’ve been busy with other things. I’ve submitted a couple of poems to a competition organised by my writing group (which will eventually pop up here) and started to build … Continue reading Busy, busy…