Spreading the love: Safari Camp Life

The wonderful (and anonymous) writer of Safari Camp Life somehow stumbled across my blog and followed me, which was nice. I in turn wandered over to her blog to find out what kind of person is willing to waste their time reading my tosh. I read it all, every word and it’s hilariously brilliant. Imagine, if you will, a perfectly normal English couple (I assume; … Continue reading Spreading the love: Safari Camp Life


It seems that I’m a Wanted Man, though posters there are none. But, as a husband and a dad, my tasks are never done. It starts before I leave work – I get texts upon my phone: “Get some milk”, “Pick me up”; I think I need a clone. I love my wife, my kids and cat, but they are a bit demanding; I’ve got … Continue reading Solitude

My Laurel & Hardy Sketch: Piano Movers

This is a scene I wrote for our last youth theatre production in Summer 2015. I’d already built the fake piano for our Copacabana show and wondered how we could make use of it again. Hmmm… I became a Laurel and Hardy fan due to seeing their short films on British kids’ TV back in the 70s & early 80s. We happened to be on holiday … Continue reading My Laurel & Hardy Sketch: Piano Movers

The Writers’ Group

It’s early January and, although I didn’t plan this as a New Year’s Resolution, I finally got around to going along to the local writers’ group. I’d had a couple of responses to my initial email requesting further information and I had been assured that it was a ‘small, friendly group’. Still, I was a little apprehensive about what I would encounter and one of my worries was confirmed when I pushed through the door to see several ladies of advancing years sat around a table and looking up at me. Continue reading The Writers’ Group

King Richard III Rides Again

This is developed from a sketch I wrote for our youth theatre group (based in Leicester), shortly after the re-internment of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, opened his eyes and immediately winced. There was a dull light glowing softly around him but he couldn’t make out any other details. He realised he was lying on his back, … Continue reading King Richard III Rides Again