Flash fiction: Grin And Bear It

Instant writing task at a recent writers’ group workshop. Fifteen minutes or so to write something about the bizarre fact that the Tower of London (that’s a 1000-year-old castle, not one of those fancy new office blocks) was once home to a polar bear. While most chose to write about the bear’s feelings of being held captive, I decided to focus on the poor sod who … Continue reading Flash fiction: Grin And Bear It

King Richard III Rides Again

This is developed from a sketch I wrote for our youth theatre group (based in Leicester), shortly after the re-internment of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, opened his eyes and immediately winced. There was a dull light glowing softly around him but he couldn’t make out any other details. He realised he was lying on his back, … Continue reading King Richard III Rides Again