Three French Hens

This was given to me as part of the Fosseway Writers Christmas prompt. Being a francophile, I knew I wanted it to be about les poulets rather than Christmas and decided to chuck in a fact that not many Brits will know about chickens. Enjoy! A dragonfly whooshes through the warm afternoon air, weaving its way from the fern-covered riverbanks, over an empty paddock and … Continue reading Three French Hens

Flash Fiction Competition 2018

Originally posted on Fosseway Writers:
? We are pleased to announce the launch of our annual Flash Fiction competition on the theme of ‘JOURNEY’. This year you’ve got a massive 200 words to play with, but remember: this is a limit, not a target! If you can nail the perfect ‘Journey’ micro story or vignette in 50 words, perhaps that’s all you need. The competition… Continue reading Flash Fiction Competition 2018

The Sticky Rain

This was a piece of instant writing (20 minutes, start to finish) at our March writers’ group workshop on short stories. Ever find yourself stumped for a prompt and everything seems just a bit too bland? Try something like where you can select a series of completely random adjectives and nouns, stick them together to make something apparently nonsensical, and then write about what that … Continue reading The Sticky Rain