Detective Fiction: Getting your team right

This started out as a simple response to a guest post from PekoeBlaze on Ryan Lanz’s A Writer’s Path on the subject of writing futuristic sci-fi detective stories. It then morphed into something else, and became way too long to clutter up Ryan’s page. So, let’s first get some clear distinctions of who does what in a real life homicide case because this is the … Continue reading Detective Fiction: Getting your team right

Christmas Crimestoppers

(a festive poem originally written for Crimestoppers ‘Rat on a Rat’ campaign to tackle drug dealers, 2004) ‘Twas the night before Christmas, And on a roof broad and flat… Santa was calling to Rat on a Rat! He’d delivered some gifts a few seconds ago And had spotted some lads in the alley below. “They’re pushing drugs!”, said Santa with shock And he reached for … Continue reading Christmas Crimestoppers