And so, the end is near…

The end of The Ophagy, that is.

It’s all written and I’m in the process of editing & ret-conning the early chapters to fit in with how it developed. For those who aren’t aware, my tale of Greek sailors caught up with gods and centaurs and nymphs was not something I ever planned to write. It was a short story that got wildly out of control and has ended up as a full-blown novel.

So, as I have finally got around to scheduling in the final chapters (36-38 will appear over the first three Sundays in August), I’d like to thank everyone who has popped by over the years to check out what Philippus and Micon have been getting up to, with special thanks to the persistent dozen or so who regularly liked or commented on the chapters I posted:

Diana Wallace Peach in fantasy-rich Oregon, Suzanne Craig-Whytock in secret Canadian spy towers, Chelsea Owens who is one heck of mother, Peter who Ponders in Nottinghamshire, Lindsey caravanning around Australia, Ailish Sinclair in witchcrafty Scotland, Cage Dunn fabricating stories Down Under, Carol and her train logo, Kent Wayne at Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, Max and his Booktopia, Kyle aka Themesretro, and probably a few others I have missed/forgotten (special shout-outs to Big Al Lane and Fionn Grant aka LionAroundWriting for some early blogging encouragement & inspiration).

Biggest thanks go to Clair, Anne, Alice, Maria, Linda and all the members of Fosseway Writers who came up with prompts in the first place, seemed to enjoy the tales (or at least didn’t tell me to stop) and have been encouraging me to get it all finished.

All I need to do now is edit it properly and see if I can interest an agent and a publisher 😀



PS: if you haven’t figured out why it’s called The Ophagy, it’s because our two heroes ate Zeus, Ares & Poseidon; and theophagy is a Greek word meaning “to eat a god”. And it sounds a bit like The Odyssey. It’s almost like I’d actually planned it all along, but I didn’t discover the word until about Chapter 5. Life is sometimes very weird. I blame The Fates…

13 thoughts on “And so, the end is near…

  1. Brilliant. Well done. Massive achievement, especially with how busy you are. I’m looking forward to reading the final chapters and reading the whole thing again! 👏👏👏👏👏.

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    1. Thanks Clair – some of the early chapters are having a bit of a make-over in my new edit but I’ll leave the originals online. Once I get the whole thing edited I’ll let you have a read of version 2 🙂


  2. A huge well done Nick. It was probably for the best that it was unplanned and has been achieved organically (I believe that’s what they say nowadays!) Now the real work begins……………………….I thought that would cheer you up!

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    1. Thanks Peter. Yep, it’s way less daunting to write a novel when you don’t realise that you’re actually writing a novel.
      What’s quite reassuring about the editing process (so far) is that the general structure, characterisations and pace is already there precisely because I was writing episodically for this blog. I couldn’t duck out and ignore a section and come back to it later – it all had to hang together and each chapter had to have either a resolution or a cliff-hanger.
      Having said all that, yeah, hard work lies ahead in polishing some themes, ironing out some kinks and ensuring consistency. 🙂

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  3. Now for the real fun, the power dynamics of each word in relation to every other word, the emotional context and subtext of each character’s life as they interact with the thematic journey …
    It is fun, editing, but a different mind-set.
    I wish you well on this new journey – and remember, it can also be done scene by scene (but strength comes from now having a shortish synopsis to maintain the integrity).

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