Just had a great session on Flash Fiction with Alex Davis with Fosseway Writers and he introduced us to this plot generator website. I clicked on the opening line option and just couldn’t resist… knocked this up in about 10 minutes as an exercise in instant writing.

I always wanted to be an anteater – until it happened.

We’d seen them at a distance, ambling about the plains looking for invertebrate plats du jour. Fascinating animals. I think it was the powerful limbs, the lean muscled flanks and the cheeky carefree look…

Yes, of course the tongue.

It was always the tongue.

I’m not sure how it happened, perhaps it was the herb-induced chanting we did down at the rock. Or some local spirit or fauna-based god that decided I needed a taste of warped reality.

But here I am.

With my tongue down a termite nest, hungrily lapping up the blind little buggers.

I flex my claws and scrape down the side of the insect metropolis until it reveals new passageways and concourses. But as much as I eat I remain hungry.


I’m starving. Not for mere protein. For actual proper food. For taste, for savouring.

I really hope I haven’t had my last steak.

I smell something worrying and look up at the two jaguars hunting deer in the distance.

Lucky bastards.

7 thoughts on “Anteater

    1. I know, it’s a great way to kick start some writing! There were several that I could have had a pop at but that one stood out and I couldn’t resist the challenge 😁
      The only editing I did was afterwards when I realised anteaters are New World animals and I had mentioned a pride of lions. Oops.

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