Sneak Peak – Map of our Gothic Village!

Our writing group, Fosseway Writers, is just coming to the end of a really interesting process of creating a collection of short stories with a ‘gothic’ flavour. Following on from our collaborative novel, Burning Old School Ties, we’ve expanded our team of authors from eight to thirteen and a time-span that covers centuries.

It’s one of the things that has taken up a lot of my writing time and why I’ve fallen a bit behind with my ongoing Greek farce, The Ophagy. But I’m really happy with my contributions and sure that you’ll enjoy reading them, along with some brilliant stories from the other authors. Some are pretty dark, some humorous and range from creepy through to fantastical.

I’ll post more updates later, but to whet your appetite here’s a map I’ve done of our fictional village. The landscape is absolutely real and you can find it on actual maps – it’s just the village of Brinwade Catlow that we’ve added on top of a hill just outside Newark.

Hope you like it!

Map of Brinwade Catlow by Nick Rowe for The Brinwade Chronicles by Fosseway Writers

13 thoughts on “Sneak Peak – Map of our Gothic Village!

    1. Thanks Suzanne! When you say ‘the lettering’ do you mean my hand-written label stuff or the fancy Blackadder font?
      The up-to-no good villagers are liberally scattered around. A few meet sticky ends. Some get away with murder. Just the usual kind of stuff 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jacqui, I had a very long think about what to show & how to represent it and then experimented. I’m quite pleased with it considering it’s just ballpoint pen & pencil. 😁


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