Competition: Travel Writing

Travel Writing Competition – take us on a journey!

Fosseway Writers

Our final competition of 2019 is now open!

We would like you to have a go at travel writing, whether it’s a travelogue or an article about a particular location. All we need is a piece of non-fiction where you tell us about a place or a journey.

We don’t want a hotel review (unless it is stunningly entertaining and multi-layered). We want to know about who you met along the way, we want to get to know the locations as if they were characters, and we want your own personality to come through too. It could be about the worst holiday you went on, or an unexpected day out, or a trip of a lifetime.

And, for the very first time, we’re accepting e-mail entries! And the first prize is fifty pounds! FIFTY QUID! As well as the usual glory. For less than 1500 words. Worth a…

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