“Reunion Day” & Positive Feedback!

I know, I’ve had a quiet couple of months. Apart from being busy with work and having a few days off in our tent (we are SO into our camping holidays now), I was also involved with our recent book launch…

Fosseway Writers

Our collaborative novel, “Burning Old School Ties“, has been on sale now for a few months and yesterday we celebrated the “reunion day” that took place on 31 August. Happily, the weather on Saturday evening was pretty much as we wrote it, over six months earlier, which is rather impressive when you consider the erratic nature of British summer weather.

Clair and I also took to Twitter to re-enact some of the final scenes from the book. If you haven’t read it yet, it starts with some news headlines from 1992 and ends with social media messages that reflect some of the evening’s events. Clair had created a Twitter account for one of her characters so that the tweets at the end of the book showed up on a real Twitter timeline – that’s how dedicated we are!

We’ve also had some amazingly positive reviews – four 5…

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5 thoughts on ““Reunion Day” & Positive Feedback!

  1. I’m glad things are going so well! I popped over to the Fosseway site too:-) Didn’t realize I wasn’t following you on Twitter but I am now!


    1. Thanks Suzanne! It’d be so awesome if you were just down the road & could pop in to our meetings. We even have some sessions in the back room of a traditional Victorian pub 😀

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    1. Thanks Peter, you’re very kind! We’re delighted that so many people are saying that they have enjoyed the book, especially as we went into it without a clear idea of what the finished product was supposed to look like and the fact that a large amount of the time spent on it was focused on the process rather than the content. So pleased it all worked out in the end!

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