Let’s start 2019 as we mean to go on

A great gothic-style short story from a fellow member of Fosseway Writers. Enjoy!


When I started this blog in 2016 I had all sorts of good intentions about writing every day, building a portfolio of amazing stories, even publishing something. Then the reality of putting my life together became rather more pressing. Surprise, surprise, that is still a work in progress. 

But huge strides have been made, I have built a nest, found a few tribes, travelled to new places and discovered a purpose to my writing. So it’s time to get a few stories out into the ether…

It starts with a droplet

Charlie fell for Louisa at first sight. But, unlike most people who fall in love at their first encounter, he can’t exactly remember when that first sight was. Sometimes he thinks he saw her in a dream before everything happened, or perhaps it was all a dream, one that he just can’t get out of his head.

He wonders…

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