Poetry Competition Results: Interview with Leanne Moden

My first interview on my blog, with the lovely Leanne Moden who kindly judged our group’s recent poetry competition on the subject of ‘flight’

Fosseway Writers

Leanne Moden is a poet, performer, writer, workshop leader, compère and event organiser, currently living in Nottingham, and we asked her to judge our Poetry Competition. Thankfully, she said yes and also agreed to a little interview with Nick (our Chair) about her background, her tastes in poetry and her thoughts on the competition and winners.

Tell us a bit about yourself: where you grew up, your background & how you came into the world of poetry

I’m from west Norfolk, the wilds of the Fens; that bit of the county that sits between Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.  I’ve been writing since I was a teenager, which would have been the early 2000s, and started performing and getting up on stage about 2010. Since then many cool things have happened such as performing in Spain and Estonia as well as at national slam championships. I’m really grateful to have been able to…

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3 thoughts on “Poetry Competition Results: Interview with Leanne Moden

  1. I put a comment on the other post, but I’ll say it again here: a great interview, and I love that she took the time to critique each individual piece in such an in-depth way!

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