The Winning Entries

These 3 entries (and a few others) pipped me to the glory of winning. But they are pretty good, so I don’t mind (so much).

Fosseway Writers

For more information on this competition, our judge Alex Davis and his comments please click here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the winners (in reverse order).


by Yasmin Chopin

‘Five minutes Miss Walden, five minutes Mr Brendan…’ Jeremy’s voice rings in unison with his knuckles. The urgency dissipates as he sashays down the corridor. I brush biscuit crumbs from my lap and annoyingly leave cigar ash in their wake; I’m the only dancer in the troupe who smokes. Short nicotine drags interlace with the taste of buttery coffee and I press the remains of my feet into the shoes. This is my last performance – my last exhibition as Valerie Walden – my last ballet. The rich tar smell of tobacco mingles with the pasty perfume of stage make-up. It sits heavy in the languid air of the dressing room, like the last serving of chocolate ice cream…

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8 thoughts on “The Winning Entries

    1. Sometimes, just the exercise of writing for a competition generates something unexpected. The thing I wrote for this comp wasn’t entirely ‘on point’ but I had great fun with it!

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