A (Nottinghamshire) Writer’s Spell

A rather cool poem covering Halloween, writing and local authors, by Sue & Andy 🙂



Fosseway Writers

 by Sue & Andy Vickers, Fosseway Writers Programme Secretaries

Hocus pocus, pens in focus

Fosseway magic now unfold!

A ladleful of legends who’ve gone before us,

Essence of Byron, unlock your gold.

D H Lawrence, add sprinklings of ardour,

Alan Sillitoe, a pinch of gritty drama.

Word spirits lend your fire and passion,

Let creative inspiration shape the stories we fashion.

newark castle

For more conjuring of the dark arts of writing, don’t forget our meeting with Alex Davison Thursday 2nd November at 7 pm.

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7 thoughts on “A (Nottinghamshire) Writer’s Spell

    1. Yes, a couple who joined about a year ago & who are now our Programme Secretaries sent the poem out on email to the group & I thought it was worthy of posting. I need to get them up on WordPress so they can do it themselves! 🙂

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