Waiting (5): “This Wasn’t On The Menu”

We have spent longer waiting than actually eating. Perhaps that’s why they’re called Waiting Staff. If our Waiter has control of our Waiting then I guess that makes us the Waitees.

My wife stares at the remains of her Tiramisu as I fail once more to attract the attention of one of the black-clad Serving Ninja that lurk in the shadows and scuttle from kitchen to remote corners of the restaurant on business far more important than delivering the bill I asked for fifteen minutes ago.

We should just leave.

But we can’t, obviously.

Being English is a terrible curse.




8 thoughts on “Waiting (5): “This Wasn’t On The Menu”

    1. Yeah, to be honest so do we. This piece was inspired by a visit to nice local restaurant who squeezed us in when they were clearly struggling to cope – EVERYTHING took ages!

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