Waiting (1): “Presumptuous”

I wrote a handful of flash fiction stories for a recent competition held by our writers’ group on the subject of ‘waiting’. I didn’t win. Bah! But I’ve decided to shove the little blighters on to my blog over the next few days (one at a time – they are about waiting, after all). This initial one is based on a real moment in my life, many years ago…


My reverie is ended with a THWOCK! The distant batsman has launched the ball high into the air, a fast moving black dot heading in my direction.

Tasked to patrol the boundary (unnecessarily, I thought, given our lack of talent) I’ve been enjoying being out of the classroom and daydreaming in the sunshine.

But glory beckons. Catch this and I’m a hero.

My hands are raised to the sky ready to receive, feet adjusting my position backwards (it’s going higher and faster than I realised).

I’m buzzing on adrenaline and anxiety. Here it comes… I can already hear the cheers…

I don’t have to tell you that I dropped it, do I?

cricket ball

9 thoughts on “Waiting (1): “Presumptuous”

  1. Darn, Nick. I was hoping for the less realistic but heroic ending. I remember my stepson doing cartwheels in the outfield and the coach yelling to catch the ball. 🙂 Needless to say, he missed too. Kids – Too funny.

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    1. I was rarely the sporting hero at cricket, although I did once bowl out a decent batsman who only needed a couple of runs for victory: I had no idea where the ball was going once it left my hand so what chance did he have of predicting its flight? As it was, it knocked down his middle stump. That’s not a euphamism. 😉

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    1. Normally, the ball never came close to where I happened to be standing, but suddenly… [gasps from the in-field as they realise it’s heading right for me]… eye on the ball, hands up… SPLAT! THUD! [groans from the in-field]. Quite apt timing given the amount of dropped catches in the England-WI tests 😉

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      1. It’s that time it’s in the air that’s a killer…all that time for doubt and self consciousness to creep in… Was much easier in the slips!

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