2016 – get in the bin

I’ve been trying to decide whether to do a review of 2016. On the one hand, just a horrible, ghastly year with some icons passing away and hideous events occurring (Brexit, Trump, Syria, etc. etc.).

But on the other hand, I joined a writers group, became more active on my blog (gaining more followers and a heap of views – up seven-fold on 2014 & 2015 – thanks guys!) and also did a bit of acting for the first time in decades.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how to work into a blog post one of my pieces of stage set that I made a few years ago for ‘Aristocats‘ (and which also turned up in a couple of other shows). It’s a simple, flat representation of a dustbin, a garbage can. It looked pretty good on stage, didn’t take up too much space and was reasonably easy to create (I used some actual magazine pages and old packaging to make the contents look realistic).


WP_20160221_001     WP_20160221_002

Yeah. So there’s the link. Despite 2016 having some reasonably nice bits for me, there’s been too much grim stuff happening and a lot of people will be glad to see the back of it. So as this year finally draws to a close, we can consign it to the bin along with shredded wrapping paper and week-old turkey left-overs.

2016 – get in the bloody bin.


4 thoughts on “2016 – get in the bin

    1. Thanks! I know it’s a bit small and 2-dimensional but it’d be great to have a Tardis-like bin that we could use to go back 12 months & trash every bad thing that happened in 2016.

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  1. Nice bin! I’m with you on trashing 2016 for the most part. I think the US is going to need a dumpster going forward, but perhaps there will be some laughter and good times as well. Here’s to a new start in 2017!

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