Prejudice & Politics

What if the essence of countries could be distilled into a person? My fellow blogger, Sarah, has personified countries which she then inserts into scenarios based on current and historical events. America is a laid back, thick-skinned guy; Russia is a controlling, enigmatic femme fatale; and North Korea is a nutjob. Obviously, Sarah quite likes writing about North Korea; who wouldn’t?

But over in the UK we also have some interesting relationships. Why, if there is such apparent antagonism between England and Scotland, did they join in a Union three hundred years ago? I took up Sarah’s offer to shed light on our British personalities and investigated the beginnings of that Union, because it revolves around the Darien Disaster – Scotland’s last desperate roll of the dice.

So click on over to Prejudice & Politics and check out my guest post. And follow her blog, ‘cos it’s a) informative and b) funny. I can’t think of two better reasons to do anything.


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