Referendum plate

I had a bad feeling about the EU Referendum when the obvious garbage that the Leave campaign was spewing back in March and April wasn’t being ridiculed by all and sundry. But it still felt like I’d been burgled overnight.

13 thoughts on “Referendumb

  1. This is a date that will live in infamy. I can’t even begin to imagine the ramifications for the economy, the United Kingdom, the EU itself. Let alone which blonde clown is likely to be our next PM. I am disgusted, appalled, and saddened that people have voted for this

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    1. Me too. We’ll potter along, probably without Scotland and possibly without Northern Ireland (they could reasonably claim the UK’s seat within the EU), but we’ll be poorer, life will be more complicated and expensive, and it’ll all be a bit shittier than if we’d stayed in. Should never have had this referendum (because people are stupid), but the main reason I’m angry is that, for such a massive change, it should have required at least a 55% majority, if not two-thirds. Governments around the world are saying “the British public have spoken” but failing to mention that it was almost a dead heat. Hardly a clear consensus is it? Cameron, you’re a twat.

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      1. The least he can do to help make up for this almighty cock-up is to sort out democracy in the UK (PR not FPTP; Lords reform), seeing as we’ve had to put up with bleating about ‘lack of accountability’ in the EU. Tossers.

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  2. Love the referendumb: beautiful. Indeed it is / was / and always will be. Patience and shuffle the cards: everything will be reviewed, reshuffled, restated, revisited, revised, reciprocated. Let’s hope that Brexit will not be followed by a second Brexit, in the next 48 hours (Euros). As for the vote, nothing worse than a sixth form squabble carried on into (inter)national politics.

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  3. Hmmm, I got a strange chill when I read that the leave voters had won. I just have a really bad feeling about it, not just now, but long term.
    I hate how 4% margin is considered democracy too, and Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain, so nkw we have a second referendum on the cards to get back into the E.U.

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  4. Ya’ll got diddled, my friend. For some reason, I follow a number of misguided minds who are praising this as a triumph of “British patriotism.” Okay, sure.

    I guess if Scotland bails and Ireland becomes one, there might be enough room at the Security Council table for the entirety of the UK after all.

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    1. It’s a crazy old world. Just when you’re thinking that there’s nothing more that Britain (specifically, England) can do to embarrass itself on the world stage…
      Two things really stick out for me, post result: 1) I feel like I’ve been physically robbed – as an EU citizen I have rights and privileges that someone else is in the process of taking off me, against my will; 2) world leaders are saying “we’re sad, but the British people have spoken”. Yes, and it was a horrible noise where there was no clear consensus of what we said. In a room containing 50 people, 24 voted to Remain and 26 voted Leave (despite a significant proportion of them having no real idea what it all really meant – any opportunity to wave a flag must be good, right?)


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