“A hoot!”

I’ve just given my blog another face-lift. As much as I liked the previous theme, it didn’t support widgets (important if you want people to follow you via email). So I’ve moved to ‘Canard’, which is French for ‘duck’. Nope, me neither.

The old blog hadn’t seen much action recently because a couple of weeks ago I was involved in a very successful amateur production of “One Man, Two Guvnors“, a modern re-working of the commedia dell’arte play “The Servant of Two Masters” by Carlo Goldoni. We were close to capacity on the first two nights and Friday and Saturday were sell-outs, which is always good for an audience buzz (as well as the finances).

Working alongside the brilliant cast and crew of Grantham Dramatic Society, I was lucky enough to get a fantastic over-the-top character part in the shape of Alan Dangle, a wannabe actor. And for the first time in my life – I was reviewed! OK, so only the odd line as part of a review of the whole show, but still. Fleeting fame in a local newspaper. Cor.

“His casting as Alan Dangle, the would-be actor, gave Nick Rowe the ideal opportunity to demonstrate his overacting skills, which he did with great enthusiasm and to great comic effect” (Sardines Theatre Review).   [I like this one!]

“Nick Rowe, with aspirations to play King Lear, was a hoot as Alan Dangle” (Grantham Matters). [That was just me in full thespian over-drive. I don’t actually want to play King Lear].

“The traditional pair of lovers were subverted by Suzanne Stevens as the ditsy Pauline Clench, and GDS newcomer Nick Rowe as hopeless romantic and hopeless actor Alan Dangle” (Grantham Journal).  [Hang on – “hopeless actor”?  I say, that could be misconstrued somewhat… I hope they mean ‘Alan’ and not me] .


15 thoughts on ““A hoot!”

  1. Great reviews here… did you intend for the blog header to be a crotch close-up?… Is this Dangle’s ultimate legacy??

    And have you really gone your entire life without hearing the Only Fools and Horses “canard” joke? Tsk…

    Del One of my most favouritist meals is Duck à l’Orange, but I don’t know how to say that in French.
    Rodney It’s canard.
    Del You can say that again bruv!
    Rodney No the French word for duck is canard.
    Del Is it? I thought that was something to do with the QE2?
    Rodney No that’s Cunard. They’re the ones with the boats and what have you. The French for duck is canard.
    Del Right lovely jubbly. Right, so how do the French say à l’Orange then?
    Rodney A l’Orange!
    Del What, the same as we do?
    Rodney Yes
    Del Oh dear, it’s a pity they don’t use more of our words innit eh?

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    1. Thanks mate! I think I must have missed that episode; sounds a good one though. I actually used to have a pet duck when I was a kid and we won a duck race (did I tell you about this? I may have to put a post out about it), so I’ve known what canard was since I were a nipper. It’s just an odd word to use to describe a blog theme.
      And yes, I looked at the this post this morning and realised the crotch issue so set about changing it before you noticed. Damn, I wasn’t quick enough! 😉

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  2. Whoa. Awesome reviews! Hopeless overacting actor. 😀
    Seriously, it’s clear from the reviews that you struck a chord and got some hoots of laughter. Congratulations on the sold out performances and the reviews, and most of all for having such a great time!

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    1. Thanks Diana! It was a blast getting that kind of reaction from the audience. My favourite part was standing alone on stage in a silly shirt waiting for the curtains to open for Act Two. I got quite a kick out of over-acting the Shakespearean bejaysus out of that first scene:
      “Destiny. Destiny! Destiny!! What is destiny? If you’re a bus, your destiny is the bus station. And if you talk to buses (as I do) they tell you that it is written deep in their bussy souls; it is inescapable. It is The Timetable. Buses laugh at love. Ha! Love is fluff; very fluffy fluff. Destiny is steel.”
      I got a wolf whistle on Friday night before I’d even opened my mouth!

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