Flash fiction: Birds eye view

Instant writing task at a recent writers’ group workshop. Fifteen minutes or so to write something from the animal’s perspective (from a selection of photographs – I chose this one of a seagull getting close to the action). Best read with an Australian accent…

Seagull MotoGP
Getty Images: a seagull walks into the path of Andrea Iannone on his Ducati during the 2015 Australian MotoGP

“So I’d been flying around, seeing what I can find to eat, and I’m feeling a bit knackered. It’s a hot day and I could do with a bit of a rest. So I’m swooping along, looking for a nice open area free of bloody cats and dingos, when I spy a bonza bit of road. Roads are great because those idiot kangaroos keep jumping into the bloody trucks, which means a fantastic road kill supper for yours truly.

“I know I should have been thinking about high speed vehicles as well, but life’s always great with hindsight, ain’t it? All I had on my mind was a tasty bit of ‘roo, slowly cooking on the blacktop barbie.

“Anyway, when those bloody motorbikes suddenly appeared over the hill it scared the bejesus out of me. I was lucky to get away with my tail intact. But even luckier, they hit my old mate Bruce, so once they’d passed I got a bit of roadkill after all. Corker.”


7 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Birds eye view

    1. Thanks! Yep, pretty much came up with the basic scenario of an Aussie seagull on the spot, but wasn’t quite sure how it was going to actually end until I got there. There’s a fair bit of pressure to get it wound up because you glance around and notice that almost everyone else has stopped writing and are looking at you!

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