A change of theme

You may have noticed that I’ve changed my blog theme. A couple of reasons really – I’d had the ‘Vertigo’ theme since I began my WordPress site back in 2014 and it was probably time for a change.

But also, although the font was cool, it didn’t reproduce punctuation (such as apostraphes) which was starting to annoy me.

So, I give you ‘Timepiece’ and a new header pic (inspired by my ‘About‘ bio). Oh, and I really like the layout too.

Cheers! 🙂

5 thoughts on “A change of theme

    1. Ah yes, I work for a US company & I am still momentarily thrown by the US date format (even some of my American colleagues have admitted that it is a bit illogical putting day in between month and year). At least we get there in the end once our brains have gone through a bit of mental wheelspin!

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  1. It is easier to read this one, and it gives you a more interesting home page (not that I ever look at that, but it’s still good for new visitors). Have to admit, I was a big fan of the “vertigo” header, but all things must pass!

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    1. I really liked the quirkiness of Vertigo but it was hard to read sometimes and the limited number of characters you could use in the headline was a pain.
      This one is much cleaner, easier to read, edit and navigate. And it makes it look full of interesting content, when actually…

      Took a while to format my pic to fit the space at the top though! 🙂
      Onwards & upwards!

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