Babbit and Pinky

The plan is…

No, perhaps ‘plan’ is too strong a word.

The ‘vague intention of doing something at some point’ centres on writing a series of children’s picture story books, despite the fact that my kids are now 15 & 18. It’s an intention that nagged at me through countless anaemic and/or annoying stories read to our two when they were little. Four years ago my family finally challenged me to write something, so I did. After several edits and a quick page of draft illustrations I thought it was reasonably okay, but decided to put it to one side as things always need time to settle. And forgot about it.

A few months ago, my pal Al announced that he was writing children’s poems and stories which seemed to lead to a number of people (me included) ‘outing’ themselves as prospective authors and poets. I even set up a blog. You may have noticed that it’s called ‘babbitman’ and thought “Huh?”…

Well. Yes. Not initially my first choice. I needed a blog name but everything I wanted to use was taken.

So I turned to one of the main characters in my first story – Babbit.  He’s a rabbit based on a cuddly toy belonging to my eldest daughter; in fact all of the characters in the story are based on the soft toys they loved and abused when they were small. The other main character is a bear called ‘Pinky’, which isn’t really an ideal blog name for a 40-something heterosexual male.


Here they are. Taken from my first scribbles, I give you Babbit & Pinky. I expect they will have adventures.

(If I ever get around to writing them)

Babbit Pinky

3 thoughts on “Babbit and Pinky

  1. I’m gutted we’ve been denied The Pinky Blog… Have you seen PiBoIdMo ? It runs through November, aka picture book idea month, and the basic premise is to come up with 30 ideas in 30 days. There’s a link in the sidebar of my blog. Might be worth partaking with an eye on developing this series?

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    1. Pink has never really suited me to be honest – I’m much more babbity. Had a look at PiBoIdMo & it’s a good idea which would help me stretch the boundaries of what I can do with these characters. Don’t think I’ll necessarily register for it and get 30 ideas, but will try and expand upon the 2 other ideas I currently have for B&P (in addition to the 1 you’ve already seen).


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