Halloween SMS – Short Messaging Scariness

My pal Al the author has been writing some entertaining Halloween poems, one of which he is submitting to a Halloweensie competition, the rules of which are to write a kids Halloween poem/story in 100 words or less.  Sounds like a good exercise in concise writing, so here’s my take on it (97 words) using a somewhat unusual format. Not sure if it’s worth entering the comp though because I think it may be a bit dark for little uns.

Halloween SMS

35 thoughts on “Halloween SMS – Short Messaging Scariness

  1. Ooh! Freakishly spooky, Nick! Nice job! Love the original format – perfect for the slightly older age this story is intended for. And you did a great job of leaving me worried about what happened to Sam! Thanks so much for joining in the Halloweensie fun!

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    1. Thanks Al. Decided I might as well, seeing as I’d gone to the trouble of formatting the speech bubbles! And people have been saying nice things about it too 🙂


    1. Somewhat deliberately left for the reader to decide! A scary prank between good friends? Or maybe something terrible had already happened to Sam…? Whatever makes the best ending for you…!

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    1. Oh yes! Hadn’t thought of it in that context, but I guess this idea is piggybacking on many genres and ideas. I just wasn’t doing it consciously!


  2. Very cool . I think I saw these two texting on Halloween… maybe saw a stray pumpkin head too. Great job. Lots of tension here.

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    1. Thanks Stacy! Yes, tension and a sense of things spiralling out of normality were the main aims. Luckily, most of the kids out on Halloween around here are young and accompanied by parents!


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