“Are you Mark Lissaman” meets “Facebook-whack”

(with apologies to Dave Gorman & any Mark Lissamen)

So here’s an unusual Gorman-esque mash-up that happened to me last week. (It may help you understand what follows by explaining that Dave Gorman had a series of, erm, escapades, where he firstly found loads of other people with his name, and secondly used Google to find unique websites which often had some odd connections to his other escapades. And he wrote them down in a couple of excellent books).


I am friends on Facebook with a former colleague, called Mark Lissaman, who lives in Nottinghamshire. We used to do fun things with spreadsheets (that’s not necessary for the story but I thought a bit of background info was appropriate, you know, paint a picture. Granted, it’s not a very interesting picture, but there you go). I commented on a post he’d made about Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. And then another post popped up by Mark Lissaman, but with a different thumbnail picture. It transpired that Mark Lissaman (Notts) was friends with Mark Lissaman from the West Midlands. I remarked that I thought it was somewhat bizarre. And then the two Lissamen pointed out that there was a third ML that they were all mutually friends with, who lives in another part of the West Midlands.

Apparently, ML (Notts) decided to see if there were any other MLs on Facebook and got in touch with the other two. There appears to be no link between the three of them except for their somewhat uncommon name.

Except… there is another link.


I’ve already said that I worked with ML (Notts). But back in 1986/7 I also worked with the second ML (W Mids) at a cash & carry warehouse. And it appears that the first ML (W Mids) is Facebook friends with my cousin, Stuart.

All I need to do is find several more Mark Lissamen that I am linked to and I’ve probably got a best-selling book on my hands. Or at the very least, a mildly interesting powerpoint presentation.

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