Embarrassing teenage poetry

Yeah, well, it was 1984 wasn’t it…  almost exactly 30 years ago.

With just days to go before the Bablake school magazine (entitled “Copyright” for some reason) closed for submissions, I asked the English teachers (specifically Mr Dave Prescott) whether anyone had done anything on the subject of Orwell’s classic. Apparently, they hadn’t. I therefore threw this together (plus a hastily scribbled picture which I wasn’t at all happy with, even back then, but they needed content).

I was informed that there had been some editorial debate on whether they ought to accept the poem due to the slightly racy nature of line 2.  I bet that there haven’t been many other appearances of the word “orgasm” in a school publication.

Looking back on it now there are awful, cringing cliches that need removing and a general teenage brash awkwardness that makes me shudder. And the best line was stolen from an Alan (Watchmen, V for Vendetta et al) Moore comic. But hey, I was 16 and turned it around in a couple of hours (at most) and it’s not totally awful. And it’s got “orgasm” in it.


6 thoughts on “Embarrassing teenage poetry

  1. You know, for 16, it’s not terrible. Ha ha. I really like the last two lines and you did get “orgasm” in there, after all. 😀 What’s so interesting to me is that I can see “you” (the blog person that I know) in this even though it was written 33 years ago. The topic is a familiar one.

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    1. Oh my good grief! You can see me in there? Lawks!
      On the other hand, I still act like I’m 18 so that’s probably perfectly fine
      Funny how a poem written in 1984 derived from a book published in 1948 seems to be capturing the zeitgeist of the last year.

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